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Once Halloween is over I always feel a moment, or few days, of panic because at the snap of the fingers it’s November, which means Thanksgiving is a few weeks away.  This means CHRISTMAS is just around the corner!  

I’ll pump the breaks on that for now, and continue with my Teal Pumpkin Project update.  While my pumpkin looked like a hot mess, the kids loved my nonfood treats.  I wasn’t sure how many trick-or-treaters with food allergies would show up at my door, so I grabbed bubbles, funky sunglasses and neon colored fangs for about 30 people.  While I’m sure 30 people with food allergies didn’t show up, all my goodies disappeared.  Turns out not only did a lot of kids want my nonfood goodies over the candy, but my husband is a sucker and let kids without allergies take the goodies for kids with allergies!  Lucky for us no one showed up once the last pair of sunglasses got scooped up!  

I felt so good hearing people say what a good idea it was to do this.  I shared my inspiration (Jess’s son that is), and told them how the kit was for a fundraiser.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few more teal pumpkins in my neighborhood next year!

PS… my little man made his Halloween debut as a shark…the cutest little shark I’ve ever seen!  Thank goodness for Pottery Barn Kids!  (The costume was like $12 at the outlet!)