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Since becoming a mom, food and poop have become a strange obsession of mine. I constantly have to watch what I eat so my son doesn’t struggle with his digestive issues and produce ridiculously weird poops. Lucky for me he seems to be growing out of his dairy intolerance, and I’m starting to chill out on the non dairy diet (might I add this is just in time for Halloween candy season!!). I am so relieved that, as of now, it looks like John won’t have a life long allergy to dairy! Unfortunately that isn’t the case for my good friend Jess. While her son isn’t allergic to dairy, they did find out the hard way that he has a nut allergy!

In April, he turned one, which as all mom’s know, that age milestone starts the testing of all the high risk allergy foods…like peanut butter. They gave it a shot and sure enough, the sweetheart didn’t just break out in a rash, he went into anaphylaxis shock! To make a long story short, Jess is now on a mission to help bring food allergies to everyone’s attention, with the hope of finding a cure. She started her mission off by selling Teal Pumpkin Kits. For those of you who don’t know, like myself, the teal pumpkin lets Trick-or-Treaters know there are non food treats at the house. I never really thought about those who can’t have candy, however, after hearing about Jess’s son, and with my own son having a food issue, I quickly decided to join her mission. I went ahead a purchased one of her kits, and went out and bought some non food treats for my peeps with food allergies. Here’s what came in her kit:

and here is my final product:

Please don’t mind the missing paint. I accidentally kicked it lugging groceries, my dog and my son into the house!!

I’d love to hear if you have painted any pumpkins teal to show your support of food allergies, or if you give out any non food treats on Halloween? I need some more ideas!!