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People… I am SORE! Since my Bye Bye Belly Class at Z Fitness ended about three weeks ago, I’ve only done a “real” workout like three times! Pathetic, I know! So, Sunday my husband and son decided to have some guy time (which really means dad walks around the house carrying the baby till I get home), while I hit up the gym. The guilt was strong, so I went hard. Like really hard! wrong move, because its Tuesday and i can barely swuat to pee!

Here’s what I did:

1 mile warm up jog (sadly I wanted to call it quits after this… but I sucked it up and kept going!)

Then I did the following 3 times:

20 Tricep Pushdowns @ 27 lb
20 cable Curls @22 lbs
25 squat press with 8 lb dumbells
20 tricep extensions with 8 lb dumbells
30 V Ups
30 3-point touch sit ups
25 squat jumps

I’m telling you this workout is awesome! I felt great after and even though I’m sore today, it’s that good “I know I worked hard” sore. with that said, the bext 20 session class starts next week!