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Alright people…get ready for the easiest soup recipe ever (or at least the easiest soup recipe I’ve tried)! I was in the “meat” section… Quotes are necessary because my meat section is really the “lite” or “diet”!section of the meats… you know… the ground turkey orchicken sausage   section.  Anyway, the soup was simple, tasteful and easy to add on to if you want to get a little more fancy with it!  

Here’s what I did:

  • Take a package of turkey sausage links and remove the casings 
  • Pinch 1 inch pieces off and form them into little… balls (insert immature giggles here)

  • In a soup pot coated with olive oil, cook the BALLS so that they are brown on all sides
  • Add one green bell pepper that you diced or chopped and cook another 3 minutes 
  • Add one carton of chicken or veggie stock, along with one can of white beans
  • Bring to a boil 
  • After  few minutes of boiling add about a cup or two of kale and cook till wilted
  • Dish out into bowls, add a splash of red pepper flakes and enjoy!

Let me know what you think!!