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I have been searching high and low for some form of a cookie that I can buy at a somewhat local grocery store that doesn’t contain any form of dairy or soy.  The search has FINALLY come to an end.  My Giant just added these to their shelves 

and I am so thankful that they did! I will be the first to admit my sweet tooth is no joke!  Sadly, now that I’m back on the NDD (no dairy diet), I am finding it even harder to not be able to grab a piece of chocolate or cookie (I sound like such an oinker!) when the craving calls.  But what’s really really sad is that I almost cried right there in aisle 2 when I found these babies!  It took a lot for me to not open the box right then and there to see if they tasted like cardboard…but I held out and waited till I got home, and guess what?  They are actually pretty darn good!   These will definitely help me get through the next couple of months!  

I also plan on making @cleanfoodcrush’s Double Chocolate PB Muffins this weekend, so stay tuned!