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It hurts to say this, but I’m back on the no dairy train.  It was a great FOUR, ugh only four, days, but my sweet baby’s belly just isn’t ready to handle dairy yet.  How do I know, you ask.  Well, the hours of crying, arching of the back and sleeping on the floor next to him in his vibrating chair last night kind of clued me in that the little dairy I had the last couple of days was a BIG mistake!

In his defense, we threw a lot at him the last few days.  Not only did I add dairy back into my diet, but he got his 4 month round of shots AND we had him try bananas for the first time. At first I thought maybe he had an allergy or intolerance to bananas, but after speaking to his pediatrician, we came to the conclusion we brought dairy back into my life a little too soon.  He was fussy, snotty and he kept arching his back like he had stomach pains…all the things he was doing when we first found out he had a dairy intolerance.  

Take a look at his second taste of bananas… clearly my husband was taking too long to get the spoon to him!

So here we go again…in 13 days the dairy should be out of my system and I’ll wait till he’s 6 months old to give it the “old college try” again.  On the flip side… that’s right around Halloween, so maybe I’ll be able to eat alllll the “extra” chocolate I purposely buy!

Wish me luck!