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Gym. Target. Laundry. Obvi! (The Jersey girl in me had to go there with the GTL!)

It’s crazy how energized I feel after a ridiculously hard workout, and how exhausted I feel when I don’t work out and chug cups of coffee!  Not that I didn’t get an iced coffee post workout, but I always feel like I’m ready to crush my to-do list after a good workout. I really overused the word “workout” there… sorry about that!

My Target run was supposed to be for toilet paper, deodorant, Silk and my son’s vitamin D drops, but you know how Target is… you can’t leave till the cart is filled with items you don’t really need, but you kinda HAVE to have!

Most of my unnecessary necessary items are gym related today.  Take a look…

love the drawstring on the bottom!

Really sheer, but I love that!

Can’t go wrong with a criss cross back!

The sliders were a last minute addition.  Have you tried these??!!  We use them at the gym and holy crap they are RIDICULOUSLY difficult!  I love how I feel after using them though, so I figured why not use them at home too! Let me know if you want to see some of ways we use them at the gym!

I also snagged these…

I wanted to do more shopping, but John decided it was time to eat so he let everyone, and I mean EVERYONE know it was time to go! His dad probably trained him to do that!

Have a great weekend!