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I’ve always been an active person. I grew up playing soccer and softball competitively and dabbled in a little basketball and gymnastics. It wasn’t until after I graduated college that I got hooked on running. Don’t get me wrong, I dread running and don’t feel wonderful while running, but I do feel fabulous after I get finished a long run.  Once I got the go ahead to start working out again after the baby was born I put him in the City Mini GT Jogger and was off. And about two minutes later I was done!  It blows my mind how hard it is to get in shape and how easy it is to get out of shape!  Blows my mind, and in the past, would cause me to not stick with my workouts.  

Not this time!

I ended up signing up for 16 sessions of a Bye Bye Belly class, run by my husband’s cousin and a close friend of the family (If you’re in the Lancaster area definitely check out Z Fitness… it’s awesome). The classes are setup where we come in, stretch and then get a list of exercises that we need to complete by the end of the hour. Sounds easy… it’s not.  I absolutely love it! I was never one to lift because I didn’t want to get a man body (so mature), but since joining I am a lifting junky! My body feels amazing and I’m becoming more toned with this type of workout than if I were to just run.  Now that I’m seeing these results, I want to work out more, which to me means new workout apparel needs to be purchased!  I can justify any kind of shopping. It’s one of my many talents!!

Here are two sneaker purchases made this week:
Women’s Nike Free 4.0 FLYKNIT  

These beauties are actually from the Nike Outlet (originally $120, on sale for $69.96) by my house.  I kid you not, running in these was like running with pillows on my feet!  Amazing!
I first saw these on oh… every single fashion blogger’s page that I follow on Instagram.  I ordered them from Nordstrom during their anniversary sale, so they ended up being only $70.  I haven’t run in them yet, but I have lifted in them. They are so comfortable and ridiculously light in weight.  When the package showed up at my door I actually thought the box had to be empty it was so light!

Here’s a quick example of what my non gym day workout looks like:

And come on, when you look down and see this face when your jogging, how can you not want to just keep going?!? But I didn’t because I’m still in bad running shape! 😁