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Last night while I was nursing John, my husband went in to kiss the top of his head (super sweet, I know), and he took a quick look at my chest (typical guy) and his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets! He told me it looked like my chest had been attacked by a wolverine!  On a side note, he is almost as dramatic as I am…almost.  When I finally put John down for the night I decided to check out what all the fuss was about.  Yep, it definitely looked like I was channeling my inner Eve (you know, the hip hop singer with the claw marks on her boobs).   My sweet little boy had me looking like my boobs had been in a fight! 

It’s really my fault though. I absolutely refuse to take a nail clipper to his teeny tiny fingers because I know for a fact I’ll cut them too short and he’ll bleed, and the thought of biting his nails causes instant gagging on my part.  The nail file it is!  I have a little baby emergency bag that has a little baby emery board, but that was useless. Didn’t work at all. Not even a little bit.  I ended up using my glass nail file from Sephora and it worked like a charm! 

It took maybe five minutes and his nails are beautifully manicured…not to mention he won’t be drawing blood again!  #savetheboobs