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My little love bug was born exactly three months and thirteen days ago. It was the absolute BEST day of my life.  He has kept my husband and myself on our toes since day one.  The morning of my 41 week checkup…yep he was a little over a week late… I started having contractions around 1 am.  They were about five minutes apart, however once the “bloody show” (eww) happened, the contractions went to about 13 minutes apart.  At 7 am nothing really had changed, so we got ready, grabbed a bagel and went to my checkup.  

We were so excited knowing that things were finally happening, but we realized it could still be a day or two till we finally got to meet our baby (did I mention we decided to be surprised with the gender… We were just a tad excited!!).  As the ultrasound tech worked her magic, I noticed a look of confusion on her face.  She went on to show me that the baby’s head was no longer down… He had decided to flip at FORTYONE WEEKS!  I’ve told him more than once that we will have a discussion about this when he’s older!  To top it off, there was next to no amniotic fluid around the baby, so they sent us to triage for a “not so emergent emergency” c-section.  I was beyond terrified! This is major surgery! The only surgery I’ve ever had was lasik eye surgery and they had to give me an extra “happy pill” to calm me down! So when the doctor came in and told us that the little bagel I ate before the appointment had pushed the surgery back eight hours, I was both relieved and ticked because while I did get to postpone having my stomach cut open, I now had eight whole hours to sit and think about what getting my stomach cut open was going to be like!  

Fast forward about 9ish hours and we had our gorgeous baby boy! He was a perfect 6 pounds 10 ounces and about 21 inches long (his legs were a little hard to straighten due to being breech).  They cleaned him up, plopped him on my chest and he latched right away.  He was a pro, and I instantly became his own personal cow. Once I was able to wiggle my toes, they moved us to couplet care and let our family in to meet the little prince. Unfortunately for them, they were kicked out about twenty minutes later due to visiting hours being up.  Once they reluctantly cleared out, the nurse came in to do a few things with the baby. She got a phone call, looked at me weird and left the room.  When she came back she explained that the baby would have to go to the NICU due to high bilirubin levels.  These weren’t the “guandice” bilirubin level issues, it was more my O-negative blood cells weren’t feeling his A-positive blood cells.  So he got to spend the first week of his life in what I called the tanning bed, but was really a phototherapy bed.  Picture a plastic box with bright blue lights shining down own him.  He was a champ.  I was an absolute mess!  

From the minute they took him from us to go the the NICU my husband and I made our way to him every three hours to nurse and spend some time with him. By the time he was done feeding we only had about ten minutes with him before he had to go back in the tanning bed.  He would cry when he left our arms, and I would sob the whole way back to our room.  My husband was amazing!  He would hug me and tell me our baby was in the best hands possible, and he was right.  Our NICU nurses were fabulous!  We were so relieved when a week later they discharged our little man and we got to go home.  That’s when the craziness really started!

John was a great eater from the start and to be honest, he was a great sleeper as well.  About a week after we got home from the hospital, I had John in his favorite bouncer, while I started some laundry.  One of his shirts needed to be hand washed, so I moved him where I could see him, put the shirt in the sink, poured the detergent in, and turned on the water.  Next thing you know, John lets out a cry, I turn around to check on him, see the dog going in for a lick, and run to grab him.  I decided it was close to feeding time, so I nursed him for about 25 minutes and put him down in his bassinet.  That’s when I heard this weird noise… Like a swooshing waterfall noise.  Yep… I forget to turn the flipping water off!  In that short 25 minutes I had flooded our guest bathroom, our hallway, water was streaming thru the floor and out every light fixture downstairs in our kitchen, thru the kitchen floor and into our basement!  How my stitches didn’t rip when I was sprinting all over the house trying to soak up water is beyond me!  Six weeks later we were the proud owners of two brand new bathrooms, carpet, kitchen ceiling and insulation in the basement.  My husband, the Saint that he is, was just happy we were okay (I may have called him crying and begging not to divorce me when I told him what I had done) and to finally have bathrooms that don’t look like they’re from the 80’s!  
With all of that, these last three months have not only flown by, but they have been the happiest three months of my life.  We are so in love with John and what our new lives have become.  Seriously, what did we do before he was born?! As crazy as it was, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Stay tuned for a little Dairy Intolerance 101… Yep, baby John continues to keep us on our toes!