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Is it sad that one of the baby items I have been stressing about buying is a diaper bag?  If I’m thinking yes… I know you have to be also!  

Since finding out I was pregnant, I’ve had my eyes on a few bags… Some obnoxiously expensive (like the gorgeous Burberry Mason Diaper Tote, which I vow to own someday) and some not so bad.  I guess my husband got tired of me sending him pictures of different options attached with paragraphs of my ranting about why this bag needed to be purchased (he needed to be reminded that the bag’s color theme needed to be taken into consideration because it’s going to be in many many pictures!), because on Valentine’s Day, this beauty showed up at my door!

A little Tory Burch !!


Tons of pockets!

I LOVE that this bag can pass as my everyday bag and as my diaper bag!   Tory Burch never fails to keep it classy and stylish!  (I think I may need it in brown also!)